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The Energy Commission’s Solar Equipment Lists include equipment that meets established national safety and performance standards. These lists provide information and data that support existing solar incentive programs, utility grid connection services, consumers, and state and local programs.

About this Application

  • The purpose of this application is to provide the public access to the lists. Each equipment type has a separate table within the application. A set of general information for each equipment type is directly viewable within the application, while the full data set can be downloaded.
  • For a copy of the SB 1 Guidelines and listing request documents, background on the Solar Equipment Lists, training materials, and additional resources, please visit the Solar Equipment Lists webpage. For questions or additional information, please reach out to the Solar Equipment Contact Center at, or call (916) 654-4120.


  • Please note that equipment on the Energy Commission’s Solar Equipment Lists has reportedly undergone tests by accredited third parties to achieve minimal safety and performance standards. The California Energy Commission makes no claim or warranty on the equipment and its safety, performance, or durability.
  • Submitted information is reviewed by the California Energy Commission prior to equipment being added to the Energy Commission's Solar Equipment Lists, manufacturers’ self-reported information is not confirmed.

Notes about the Lists

  • Any text in brackets at the end of the model number is not part of the manufacturer’s model number. The text in brackets is used for model numbers that may come in different configurations, represented on the lists with multiple row entries. Each configuration is listed in a different row and is differentiated by the bracketed text based on the distinguishing characteristic (e.g. backsheet color for PV modules, output voltage for inverters), resulting in different listed data.
  • Each table may have notes particular to the specific equipment type/technology. Please refer to the notes at the top of each table for more detail.